Save hours of campus administration work with our fully integrated, online campus management system.

From student administration and facilitator feedback to releasing exam results and student debt management, CampusOnline allows your administration team to oversee all aspects of your campus, online - from any internet-connected device in the world.

"With so much academic information and practical application at your fingertips, CampusOnline is the ideal digital tool for any educational institution, making academic and student queries alike far less taxing and time-consuming. Overall a fantastic tool to work with."

- Gordon Downing, UniCollege Academic Manager

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  • Allow students to access their profiles and download documents
  • Send students emails and SMSs directly from the system and keep communications logs
  • Create attendance or assessment registers and checklists - any register you like!
  • Manage facilitator reports and store supporting documents securely and easily
  • Manage accounts with a basic student financial system and restrict levels of access for students with fee arrears
  • Store and manage results securely. Marks are locked for editing once signed off by management users.
  • View and manage student learning modules through our comprehensive Study Path Management function
  • Manage staff and student document templates
  • Market your institution to prospective students by capturing leads and communicating via the platform
  • Import and export DHET results quickly and with ease saving you hours of complex data capturing
  • Set up online assessments or upload assignments
  • Sleep soundly knowing that all your institution’s data is securely and regularly backed up
"It is clear that this student management system was developed by academic administrators who have a clear understanding of academic processes and the frontline needs of both academic administration staff and students."

Riaan Loubser
Owner, UniGrad