Product Overview

CampusOnline has a proven track record of reducing administration hours and ensuring complete data accuracy within your student administration department.

Students can access their student profiles, marks and important documents such as registration confirmations, result letters, assessment dates, assignments, templates and a wide range of other course and campus information. This frees up your admin staff to spend their time on more valuable administrative tasks.

Student Portal

Our student portal allows students to access their academic histories and profiles. Students can view their assessment deadlines, marks and even administration reports online 24/7 so they are empowered to monitor their academic progress.

Reduce repetitive queries and requests by allowing students and sponsors to access all the information they need directly. The portal allows users to download and print documentation, complete online assessments, submit assignments, update contact details and complete checklists and so much more.

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Keep your students in the know with our integrated and simple-to-use communications tool. Our CampusCommunicator, with its built-in SMS and e-mail functions, will streamline and expedite student communication with its intuitive user interface.

Send SMS updates like class schedule changes, deadline reminders or emergency information instantly to your student’s phones. Keep track of all the communications that each student has received from your institution in one place, so your faculty and admin staff have easy access to historic information.

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DHET Functionality

Export and import .txt files with a click of a button via CampusOnline! It is a DHET requirement to submit all student exam registrations and results electronically which you can now do quickly and easily. Results received from the DHET can also be imported. Say goodbye to having to provide sensitive data to external suppliers or pay exorbitant costs to get these files converted and ready for both DHET and your student communication.

The system is extremely user-friendly and training your team to use this functionality will happen in no time at all and save you hours of manpower. This also means you can deliver official DHET results to your students in record time.

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Student Management

CampusOnline offers a range of specific modules that work together to provide you with a comprehensive record of every aspect of your student management. This includes CampusResults, which allows you to upload results for assignments and exams, and CampusAbsenteeism where you can record student attendance.

The CampusAccess module offers you a quick and easy way to manage and print student cards while CampusProgress and CampusPaths is the place where sponsors and students can access a host of records including attendance, results, outstanding learning modules as well as comments and feedback from facilitators.

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User Management

CampusOnline can be used to capture and store all relevant facilitator details and qualifications. The filter report function allows a user to export all facilitator details and information captured via an excel worksheet.

Facilitators can also submit regular reports from anywhere with internet connectivity and access college templates via CampusShare including assignments, newsletters, student guides, policy documents and more. CampusShare can be activated for students when required.

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Programme Management

Your academic team can now manage all your courses and academic pathways in one system. Build custom modules and checklists to keep track of all the elements of your student’s studies through the use of our CampusCustomizer, CampusRegister and CampusAssesor modules.

Our software is fully customisable through a variety of editable drop-down fields and you can set up study evidence checklists to suit your exact needs.

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Access, Security and Backup

With the rise of hacking, ransomware and general online security risks, you need to know that your institution’s data is regularly backed up and stored safely. CampusOnline’s data is stored on a dedicated server and backups are performed regularly and kept offsite for 14 days.

Your institution can nominate a member of your team to manage your database including usernames, passwords, access levels and more.

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Debtor Control

CampusOnline offers a simple system allowing you to effectively manage student account arrears. Administrators can restrict information access on all overdue accounts, reducing unfortunate administration friction between your staff and student/sponsors.

Manage contracts, payments and receipts directly within CampusDebtors, all of which will reflect on each student’s record for easy account tracking.

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Our robust reporting tool offers users a wide range of ways to export required data from student progress information, arrears accounts, demographics, outstanding documentation, checklist updates – anything you can imagine.

Access all this information and set up custom reporting templates without the cost of outside developers.

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Capture prospective students on CampusOnline after school visits, mall exhibitions, roadshows and Open Days. Keep track of these leads and communicate regularly with them through CampusCommunicator.

Recommend follow up or advanced courses based on student’s existing study paths and pre-empt their career qualification or upskilling needs.

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"CampusOnline is ever-evolving with new functions and updates being added on a regular basis, keeping the system fully compliant with regulatory requirements, as well as offering a host of features which make administration easy, convenient and time-saving."

Riaan Loubser, UniGrad Owner