Our clients are at the heart of our business offerings and successful implementations of CampusOnline is really the proof of our commitment to the campus and the admin teams we work with.

Unigrad College searched for a long time to find a student management system that was user friendly and at the same time would make academic reporting more efficient.

In 2013 Unigrad College tested Campus Online and have been using it ever since. Compared to other student management systems used in the past, we found Campus Online the most “logical” to use.

It is clear that this student management system was developed by academic administrators who have a clear understanding of academic processes and the frontline needs of both academic administration staff and students.

Campus online is ever-evolving with new functions and updates being added on a regular basis, keeping the system fully compliant with regulatory requirements, as well as offering a host of features which make administration easy, convenient and time-saving. We are extremely happy with Campus Online and the support we receive from them.

Riaan Loubser, Owner

UniCollege introduced CampusOnline in January 2013 to relieve staff from routine administrative duties, allowing them to make more valuable contributions to the college. We had some special requirements, so having customisation done to our specifications was very beneficial to us.

Support from CampusOnline has been excellent, both in answering questions and in quickly resolving any difficulties. Most recently, CampusOnline was a tremendous supporting tool and solution in complying to DHET requirements to create a .txt file (via a CampusOnline export function) which enables exam registration with the Department.

We recommend that colleges consider this amazing Student Administration System seriously when assessing their data management needs.

Didri Spingies, Academic Manager