Student Portal

Empower your students to take control of their academic path. Our student portal enables your students to view and access their academic information - anywhere and at anytime.

Reduce student queries

This function gives direct access to the system to enable them to print important documents such as registration confirmations, assessment schedules, letters of results etc.

Students can also keep their contact details updated themselves and view their academic history with your institution – saving your academic administration team loads of time as they no longer have to assist with these type of queries.

Students can access all assessment marks as soon as they are signed off and available on CampusOnline. You no longer have to deal with countless phone calls enquiring whether marks are available yet.

Another helpful functionality is our assessment calendar which reminds students of upcoming assessment deadlines.

Student debt management

Our application locks down accounts that are in arrears. Students only have access to the student portal if their accounts are up to date.

Free up your administration staff

This accessibility increases student and sponsor responsibility. Free up your valuable administration staff and get them working on more valuable and impactful needs on campus.

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