Student Management

Capturing and maintaining student records takes an inordinate amount of time. Time that can be spent on many more rewarding and impactful campus activities. CampusOnline minimises this task and assists in freeing up valuable administration staff.

Academic Set-Up

Academic Institutions are able to upload their programmes’ academic set-up via an Excel Spreadsheet or alternatively to do it manually themselves. Once programmes have been uploaded onto CampusOnline, these programmes can still be edited manually.

Student Registration Section

Students can be registered on CampusOnline with student details being captured as per the below fields:

  • - ID Number
  • - Title, Full Names, Last Names, Initials, Preferred Name
  • - Home phone, Work phone, Cell phone, Fax
  • - Physical address, Postal address (with copy function if the same)
  • - Date of birth derived from ID Number (editable in case of foreign student)
  • - Preferred communication
  • - Region
  • - Nationality, Gender, Ethnic Group, Marital status, Home language

A Student Profile can also be established by capturing below on CampusOnline:

  • - Year matriculated
  • - School attended
  • - Matriculation status
  • - Highest qualification achieved
  • - Tertiary education and tertiary institution
  • - Disabilities
  • - Reading skills and comments
  • - Writing skills and comments
  • - Speaking skills and comments
  • - Learning needs
  • - Motivation to study chosen programme
  • - Expectations of chosen programme
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Programme History

Users can easily view a detailed programme history per student on CampusOnline. The detailed history includes a summary of marks, modular credits, absenteeism records as well as any comments made by academic as well as non-academic staff.


Print student contracts directly off the system for programmes that students have been captured for.


View all messages (sms’es and e-mails) that have been sent to a specific student.

Student Checklist Function

CampusOnline provides the functionality where a checklist can be set-up (customised for individual colleges) indicating which certain documents / processes / signed forms are required from students and can easily be managed by ticking fields.

Student Sponsor Details as well as Student’s Emergency Contacts’ Details can be captured (more than one) on CampusOnline.