Reporting is the foundation of every successful administration team. Enable faster, more effective reporting, on individuals or groups.

Filtered Reports

Any information selection of students can be exported via Excel from CampusOnline. A user can decide to export ALL student details captured or only specific details.

Student Cards

CampusOnline is able to print student cards (with or without student photos). Student cards can be printed in group format or on an individual student basis.

Student Detail Reports

A Student Detail Report can be printed per group or per individual student. This enables students to confirm and sign off on details captured of them.

Progress Reports

Student results, absenteeism and comments pull through to this report to identify at-risk students for intervention programmes, these reports can be printed in group format or per individual student.

Attendance Registers

Users can decide how many columns the register must consist of as well as provide required detail such as programme detail, facilitator detail etc.

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Check List Registers

Any type of check list can be created via this function. Example: book signing lists, test registers, exam registers, meeting registers etc. The user can decide how many columns are required for the check list as well as title each column.

Letter of Results

Results letters can be printed in group format or on an individual student basis.

Stats Register

Register that displays a student’s race, gender and age stats that can be signed off by students.

Confirmation of Registration

A document that students often need to prove that they are registered at an academic institution for a specific academic period. Students can also download this document themselves directly off the student portal.

Assessment Confirmation

The assessment confirmation is a document confirming all the relevant assessment dates, times and venues per course instance.

E-mail and SMS list

This report enables users to view how many messages (sms and/or e-mails) have been sent for a specific period as well as whether the delivery thereof has been successful.