Programme Management

Leave those word documents and emails in the past - stop spending hours searching through your hard-drives and files for notes and amendments to the course outlines and requirements. CampusOnline enables you to set-up and update your course notes as required, in real-time directly within the application.

Academic Set-Up

Academic Institutions are able to upload their programmes’ academic set-up via an Excel Spreadsheet or alternatively to do it manually themselves. Once programmes have been uploaded onto CampusOnline, these programmes can still be edited manually.

Study Paths

Students can easily be linked to different study paths to achieve. This CampusOnline function creates a database of students who can roll-over to next possible programmes once a relevant programme has been completed. Students can be linked individually to a Study Path or alternatively students can be linked as a group to a study path via the “bulk linking” function.

Student Results

Student results can be captured after setting up assessment strategies for each module. This can be set up manually on CampusOnline or alternatively imported via an Excel spreadsheet into CampusOnline. Results can be captured on facilitator level or administrative level from where academic integrity is enforced through a built-in Quality Assurance system ensuring that all results are signed off on manager level. Results will not pull through to progress reports or results letters unless it have been signed off on manager level.

Student Absenteeism

Absenteeism can be captured per student.

Student Comments

Facilitators can capture comments per student per subject. General comments per student can also be captured by non-academic staff (disciplinary issues etc).

Facilitator Feedback

Facilitators are empowered to provide weekly, monthly and overall course feedback on the subjects that they have been assigned to lecture. Because CampusOnline is a web-based system, facilitators can submit these reports from any place where they have internet access. Late Facilitator reports can be tracked and followed up with facilitators.

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