DHET Functionality

Reduce your reliance on costly third party data capturing companies with our DHET .txt file integration. Register and report all in-house without needing extra administration support staff.

DHET Functionality

It is a DHET requirement to submit all student exam registrations and results electronically which CampusOnline supports within this application. Results received from the DHET can also be imported. No longer are you required to provide sensitive data to external suppliers or pay exorbitant costs to get these files converted and ready for both DHET and your own student communication.

Reduce costly third party registration companies and processes. And keep your propriety information private.

Once students have been captured on CampusOnline and linked to the relevant DHET subjects a .txt file can be exported from CampusOnline which in return can be uploaded into the DHET system. This enables the compulsory e-submission of student exam registrations required by the DHET.

Term Marks can also be exported to a .txt file and submitted to the DHET to upload to their system.

DHET Exam Results

Once DHET exams have been written, marked and moderated by the DHET you can now upload the .txt file you receive from the DHET and load it into CampusOnline to update the mark sheets and have the marks reflect almost immedietly on the relevant student profiles.

All of this with a simple click of a button .

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