Debtor Control

Manage student debt directly within the application.

Integrated debt management

This function allows you to capture (pre-loaded) contract amounts with payment (term) details. Users capture student payments directly on the system from where a receipt of payment is e-mailed to the sponsor.

DebtorControl provides quick debt overview and control - all from within the application. Through our student portal, the application restricts information access on all overdue accounts – reducing unfortunate administration friction between your staff and student/sponsors.

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Contracts Management

Users create contracts on CampusOnline in terms of what students have been enrolled for. These contracts can be printed from the system for students to sign.

Payment Capturing

Users can capture payments from students which will reflect on the student’s profile and also show the outstanding balance. Receipts will be e-mailed to the sponsor e-mail address.

Reports can be downloaded, printed and communicated as required.