A new addition to our application. Now you have an integrated communications system right in the palm of your hand. User-friendly and real-time. You spoke and we answered!

Communication is Key

Regular and timeous communication with students empowers your administration team. CampusOnline allows you to e-mail and sms users, students as well as their sponsors and contacts directly from the system.

These messages can be sent as an individual message or alternatively as a bulk message to a selected group while still incorporating personalised fields. Each message sent to a student is saved against the student’s profile that can be viewed later again.

Templates for often sent e-mails and/or sms’es can easily be set-up by individual colleges that makes communication with your students even more efficient.

A report can also be accessed by the college to view sms’es and e-mails sent for a specific period.

In-house saves money and time

Avoid expensive third-party emailing applications. Forget about having to collect and upload your propriety email lists into these applications and manage your communications directly from within our app.

Communications recording

Recording when and how you have communicated with your students, their contacts and sponsors is vital to your administrations control. Ensure you have all the information you need, without having to leave our system.

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